Treading somewhere between the weird folk world of John Fahey or Glenn Jones and an altogether more outsider pop of Robert Wyatt; Lux Harmonium manage to take a menagerie of influences and make them sound altogether… well… old! It really is an analogue affair, timeless and strangely classic.


“Lux feel like one of those bands/artists that you just want to play to everyone you know. I couldn’t understand what his [Jones] hands were doing when I saw him live, I guess it is as close as i’ll get to seeing Burt Jansch in some crummy early 60’s Glasgow club. The record or whatever it was he played me, is so emotive. It was both utterly perfect and crystalline, but hand crafted and woozy. I think you could listen to it anytime between 1925 and 2075… Proper time capsule stuff!”
– R.G.Morrison.

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